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Monday, 20 May 2013

Kew Boulie TT take 3

Take 1...weather too awful for pathetic little me
Take 2...my saddle fell off!
Take 3...FINALLY!

the weather was great..perfect for racing and with  my saddle was firmly clamped in place and  the Garmin cemented into place..what else could go wrong?!

Actually I didn't really feel like racing.  I was a bit jaded as I'd spent the past 2 days driving around the state firstly taking a great niece to Sovreign Hill in Ballarat then driving out to woop woop to be the trail car at my cycling club's race.  However..you do what you have to do and I HAD to race.

The weather was perfect..cold, windless, clear blue sky.  Approaching the race venue there was a great vista across the city with 7 balloons up in the sky...magic.

The KB course is undulating..persistently undulating...there's not 1 flat bit..the link is to Strava where there's the map and details but for those not on Strava here is a chart of the elevation (and my heart rate!)

And this race's mechanical was....a dropped chain about 1/4 way through the race..didn't cost me much time as it went back on easily, but it probably cost me about 5 places in the race and a shot at my PB which I set in 2009...doh!  no one from my grade passed me and I managed to pass 3 who started ahead of me. 

A tough race like that deserves a reward and mine was a Peppermint Magnum...YUM!...oh and 2 snakes! (an ice cream and 2 jellied lollies/sweets for non Aus readers!)

Next race: next weekend at Paraparap (great name,eh?) ... this course is also lumpy but not quite so up and down as KB:
no doubt I'll be one of the early starters...better get used to it as I'll be no doubt be first off in Trento.

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