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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sorting out the technical issues of my time trial bike

On Sunday I rode the 21.6km TT at Benalla..one I've done annually for the past 5 years  I'm happy to say that despite the windy conditions I did at 30 second PB...seems like the training is working..older and faster. yay

There were , of course technical issues and why wouldn't there be? ..can't break the mould now can I!?   This time round it was minor compared to my saddle falling off!!..this time it was my cyclcomputer not being tight enough on the handlebars.  As a result it flopped down to lie almost vertical and well out of my sight, resulting in me doing the whole race on perceived exertion.  Maybe this is the way to go as I did quite well although I normally not only check my speed but also how far I've gone to aid pacing.

I was second off and never saw the speedster in front who clearly wasn't off first due to an anticipated slow time. It being Mothers Day there were only 10 starters and on raw score I was 6th I think and 1st on age/gender handicap.  I beat my age standard time by 11 minutes and 13 seconds!

I was pretty tired the next day..a 2-3 hour drive there and back plus the race caught up with me big time.   The drive out there was just as dawn was breaking and the sun rise was spectacular with pink/red tinging the undersides of the grey clouds.  I also spotted a fox and a huge  raptor which would have had to have been an eagle.

Next race...Kew Boulie on Sunday

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