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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Monday, 9 May 2016

Itinerary 2016: the lead up to the World Championships

With just over 3 weeks before I fly out, this is my itinerary:
31/5       dep
01/6       Paris then drive to UK
04/6      TT at Tour of Cambridgeshire
05/6      129km Granfondo ..same place    not too much climbing but probably windy.
06/6      Wiltshire visiting rels then oop north to Cumbria and a  boarding school reunion
13/6       2 days in Austria, then Italy
19/6      Sportful GranFondo..Feltre   122km/2,560m
20/6      Dolomiti. Altitude/mountain climbing training Pordoi circuit, Passo Rolle, Pellegrini, Fedaia
10/7      Bellagio to see the Madonna del Ghisello climb and  museum
11/7      Trento and the Charly Gaul Granfondo. 57km/2000m
18/7      Treviso and flat land TT training
23/7      Feltre and more of the same + the Palio
09/8      Hartberg and 8 races
20/8      Sankt Johann
22/8      fly out hopefully fitter and leaner than when I flew in!
23/8      Perth
01/9      World TT
04/9      World GF
06/9       back home

at various times  I am joined by my sister, my son and a friend and her partner.  I have raced for so many years in Austria that the regulars,  from USA, Russia, Germany, UK and Slovenia, are in essence family.

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