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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Spell check stikes again an upgrade and a "special" event

this from a cycling buddy writing on Twitter....one could say sooo much could one not!

"I have a lot planned for today but so far the biggest hurdle is getting off the coach..."

and to upgrade youse all...I'm busy training  and have moved from hills, hills, hills to speed speed speed, including a crit or 2

but the body is starting to fray at the edges..........this from me writing to my coach...(not my couch!)

"Currently I have:
  • a trigger finger on  my ring finger left hand..  had it for about a month or so...worsening and so it's now splinted and Mt Buller is off the menu since gripping the brake for an extended  period of time is currently not recommended.  1/12 splinting (on and off...actually s'posed to be 24/7!) then if no good cortisone and if all fails an op
  • 2 dead and dying teeth...these made their death throes known last week and a visit to the dentist confirmed that their 2 year long pall care period was coming to an end.  Strangely they feel a bit better now, but that may be that they are in fact comatose.  A visit to the peridontist will tell me if there is enough bone to put in a bit of metal to ultimately fix an implant to or whether indeed I need a bone graft or..third option  a plate.  All sounds mega expensive and thankfully I'm working to soak up the bills!  however I may well go for the cheapest option, which I'm sure will be the plate.
  • The ganglion on the toe has emerged again. Speaking to the orthopod the other day  .....he had thought it came from the tendon but now acknowledges it's from the joint.   There is a possibility of arthrodesing the TIP jt on that toe or could it be the whole toe since that toe is starting to claw anyway, or perhaps an arthodesis and a flexor tendon release?? although my podiatrist friend says beware the floppy toe syndrome!  Whatever since it's not getting in the way I've said nothing will happen apart from consults til the end of the year.
the rest of me is fine!.."

and the really special day....this is me writing in FB:

"some days are just, well....different! today started with a crit at the Kew Boulie...first race for about 4/12 and yes.... I struggled.

When I finally got home there were blue and red flashing lights everywhere and police cars parked across my road and tape preventing me from getting into my house. WTF?

A friendly police man explained that a "device" had been found in a rubbish bin nearby and the bomb squad was there to explode it...! So.... I got to hear the bang and see the robot. Enough with the excitement!

Bringing me back down to earth is my next appointment which is with the dentist as I have 2 teeth that are giving me grief both in the mouth and, I suspect, in the hip pocket nerve.

Tomorrow will be just plain boring!"

There you are...training, health, bombs!  and apparently it was a battery pack..not a bomb at all, but I guess they have to make sure and perhaps it's also good practice for when there really is a bomb.

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