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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Saturday in Wangaratta - time on the TT bike and Adamo saddle

After delivering  my TT frameset  and exchanging $$ in the car park at Wangaratta(!) I drove back to Glenrowan to recce 2 of the 3 TT courses I plan on racing this season.  The mapmyride.com profile of both of them appeared extremely benign, but I've learned my lesson and now just don't believe it. 

The first course however was flat to very flat with just a couple of pimples that even I didn't need to change out of big chain ring....'nuff said!  I couldn't go all the way as there was a road closure sign  at the junction prior to the turn around and with my race wheels on, I didn't want to explore.  With such a flat course there was nowhere I needed to get out of the saddle and so the Adamo got a really good trial....more on that later.   This is a planned 40km race and is I think the last of the 3.  Before I set off  a lost lady begged directions back to Glenrowan  although looking at the map you'll see she wasn't actually "lost" just a bit geographically embarrassed and confused.

After getting back to the car, I shifted parking spots and  checked out the other course, which will be raced on 24/3.  The elevation profile for this one illustrates how it misses out on the fine details.   The course starts off with an uphill heave over the freeway a bit of an undulation or 2 then is  flat to very flat.  I drove the full course but only rode halfway and back.  The slope on the way back being harder since you approach it from a flat run rather than a downhill swoop (and you are tired).

Adamo Saddle
For me getting to be UCI legal WRT to the relationship between the nose of my saddle and the bottom bracket left me with the option of only 2 saddles, the Fizik TT saddle and the Adamo.  I'd already tried and failed with the Fizik, so the Adamo just HAD to work.  And surprise, surprise it did.  I'm not sure that I've ever before  had a saddle that has been an instant hit, but this one was and is and will be.  I might have to equip all my bikes with one..its just a pity there isn't a retailer in Aus.  Ebay it is....again.

Bike set up...there are still a few tweaks that need to happen for the perfect fit; I can feel a bike fit at Geelong  coming on. 

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