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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Monday, 26 March 2012

TT weekend oop north

This weekend there were 2 TT's up in the north east of the state and so I took advantage..went up and stayed there in my favourite motel at Wangaratta, Ryleys.  Actually it's probably no better than any other motel in that town, but you go to a place enough times, you get known and that's nice.

Saturday's TT at Glenrowan was billed as 26km but ended up being a shade under 20km.  run by the Wangaratta club it was a well run event over a truly ace course....pity we're not returning to it this year for a comparison ride.  Essentially flat with a mighty heave over a couple of lumps which were much worse on the way back it was a very similar course to the one in St Johann, although the lumps were sited differently.

This was the first race with my new bike and since its not yet dialled in fit-wise, I expected to have some issues with comfort...there were none..well not on that day anyway.  My plan was to go full gas until I couldn't hold it, which i did until I died on the stiff climb on the way back, when in Cancellaran terms, "I had lactic acid coming out of my ears".  I felt sick and dizzy and was just grateful to get to the top without falling off the bike!

So back to the motel via the supermarket and  while  in the throes of reading the newspaper  sleep over took me.

Sunday's race was at Wodonga, I got up early and went to recce the course:  it appeared quite benign until you honed in on the apparently simple climbs which is when you discovered a nasty but very short  pinch of ~17%.

 Any how I got on the bike and immediately discovered I had a saddle/pelvic bone interface problem.  Without delving into "too much information",  the usual problem women have with saddles is a soft tissue issue whereas my problem  was/is a boney issue.

My new saddle is wider at the front and I'd been sitting too far back on it resulting in bone pain and I just didn't realise til I got on the bike again. If the race had been a championships  I could have raced perched on the front of the saddle and obviously this is how I'll have to set it up,  but this was a training race and just wasn't worth causing more pain resulting in time off the bike.

So I got home early and was well rested for a great meal at Shakahari to celebrate Alex's birthday.

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