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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Dolomiti climbs then flat valley rides in Sankt Johann


In the days post granfondo I was shattered. 

Monday I drove here to Moena and didn’t ride at all…what I did do was eat eat eat eat and continued to do continuously  for 3 days…I just could not get enough food   and fluid inside me!


Tuesday I did a couple of valley rides up to Canazei and then the other way to Pradazzo, but valley rides here are rather lumpy.

Wednesday I rode the Passo Fedaia…the easier side from Canazei below is the  profile




Thursday the Passo San Pellegrini

sa pell

san pellegrino

and Friday the Passo Costalungo , although on this last ride I needed a rest part way as my back was painful. 


costalungo 1

costalungo  2


There were also far too many motorbikes on the road and as my legs needed a rest from all that  climbing, I decided to retreat to Sankt Johann in Tirol for the weekend.  The valleys there are much flatter and really isn’t much else apart from climbing in the dolomiti!

I had a great 2 days on well known roads and rediscovered a cadence greater than “grind” and return here refreshed and ready to add climbing metres to my year’s total.  Maybe something a bit longer if the weather permits.

Yesterday was pick up Alex from Munich airport day and all went very smoothly until we were trying to get off the autostrada at Bolzano, where at the toll booth we encountered a long queue of apparently stuck army vehicles

As with all queues like this first there is silence, then much horn tooting and eventually impatient drivers emerge from their cars to asked WTF. It turned out the army were to be escorted through Bolzano city by the Carabinieri but had taken the wrong exit from the autostrada!

We arrived too late to discover whether it was the army or the  Carabinieri  who had led them down the wrong path but that matters not really...jokes abound.

Next week we’re in Bormio where climbing the Stelvio and the Mortirolo feature strongly in our plans…yet again.  Last year  I had a dental issue while in Bormio and so spent more hours in the dentist’s chair than on my bike.




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