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Friday, 10 June 2016

RnR time…..rels and a school re-union

Between the Tour of Cambridgeshire GF 135km with very little climbing and the GF Sportful Feltre medium course  which is 133.8km with  2,750m of climb I have time to kick back and be sociable.
I confidently anticipate being very slow
Currently I’m staying with my niece in Wiltshire..home of chalk downs/white horses, near to horse racing stables at Lambourn in the Valley of the Race Horse (Dick Francis fans anyone?), steep escarpments and thatched cottages. 

The terrrain is very lumpy, which is  good practise after riding in the  Fenland...and the weather has been good.

  I’ve been on 2 rides, the second one up Hack Pen Hill which has a significant stretch of 14% climb ...it's the strange wiggle on the SW travelling road and  where there was another white horse giving me a good excuse to stop and take a photo but it turned out to be  rubbish as I couldn’t get close enough.

Somewhat different to riding  back home(!) on  this ride I also rode past a Long barrow, and the standing stones and henges at Avebury.
Thatched pub and standing stones, Avebury

A final pix from the event at Peterborough:

oop north tomorrow for the school re-union...55 years on  ;-0

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  1. Glad you found a few hills or lumps to ride over!!!!