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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Friday, 7 July 2017

Final days in the flat lands north of Trevsio

This year's VERY special souvenir!
This Saturday we start moving into hillier country.  

First to Trento to race the Charly Gaul gran fondo..a race that last year I said "Never again" 😜and which Alex failed to finish..hopefully we will be a bit better this year!

After Trento we take 2 days to drive to Avignon, stopping at Briancon on the way.  We have sorted out where we're going by keeping out of the way of the Tour de  France..unlike most of our friends we have no great desire to be  spectators..Alex has once and wont get sucked into that again!

We're at Avignon for 5 days and apart from gazing at the pont d' Avignon we will climb the Mont Ventoux.

We've enjoyed being here and the apartment is incredibly economical..1300 euros for 2 people for 4 weeks ..wifi, AC,2 bedrooms, washing machine and endless hot water...sadly only 1 settee for horizontal TV watching but that aside all mod cons!  

my car on the left and the door to our apartment far right

Today's adventure on the bike was going to be a very long ride in the hillier part of the area but after about 70 minutes a wasp decided to explore the inner workings of my mouth...I managed to foil it's efforts but in passing it stung my lip, so I decided not to ride in the back blocks just in case I got an adverse reaction and so turned for home.   A swollen bottom lip was all I got and it's now settled down almost completely.

Random pix follow:

The picnic type knife and fork here are made out of maize/corn and are biodegradable.
Dead tree?..make it a feature

Caught by the vagaries of the English language (2nd down)
These are ALL Prosecco
Not sure why they don't chop the ivy off before this happens
modern fresco!
4 legged animals not allowed to drink!
Asolo a hill top old town with cobbled streets we visited earlier this week

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  1. Hopefully you both finish Charly Gaull and come away unscathed! Enjoy!!!!