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Friday, 30 March 2012

TT bike set up

The TT bike I rode during last week's TT at Glenrowan is about 50% different today.

Different bits:
  • The seat post had to be changed completely in order to be UCI legal. 
  • The crank set is no longer a Dura ace, it's a super light compact 34/50 "Lightning"  brand
  • The chain rings are now  featherweight Extralight brand. 
  • The cassette is no longer a Dura Ace12-27, it's  a  lighter SRAM 11-25 
  • The chain naturally enough had to be changed too. 

So those are different bits, but following my bike set up at Cycle Edge in Geelong by John Hind I  now have:
  • A lower saddle 
  • A saddle which is pushed further back. 
  • The stem is upside down
  • The bars are rotated down
  • The arm rest are further back
Not much the same actually! 

oh and I have been reminded to  once again put 2 socks on my slightly smaller left foot.

My next TT is next weekend at Maryborough, so we'll see how it all goes then.

Checking over the new UCI rules, I've been alerted to one particular aspect which *seems* to indicate that the distance from the center of the pedal axle to the rear edge of the front tire must be greater than 89mm...well I have 4 bikes (2 x road, 1 x TT and 1 x track) and Alex has 2 (1 road, 1 x TT) and none pass that test....even the ones custom made for me.   See page 43 of the above power point presentation. 

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