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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Puppy sitting whinge

I've always hankered after having a dog, but have realised that in all honesty my life style doesn't have room for the responsibilities of being a dog owner...and in that I guess I show more insight than many!

Anyhow....Ben has acquired a pointer/staffie cross puppy called Baxter and the day after it arrived  Ben  became ill which has left me with the task of 1.  being a parent to Ben and stepping in when needed and 2.  being a baby sitter to an 8 week old pup when we already have 2 cats who are not very happy about the pup!

I'd forgotten how much  work a "toddler" entailed and currently I just wish the damn thing would go to sleep so I could have a break from being followed/moving stuff out of his reach  and keeping the cat from scratching his eyes out!!!

On top of that its piddled on our floor 3 times and pooed once...ENOUGH!

I'm really happy to help Ben out for a short while  and actually am grateful for the opportunity 'cos it's ensured I wont make the mistake of going down the path of owning a dog, at least not until I stop training/travelling/have aggro cats.

bloody cat whimpering pathetically in 1 half of the house and the dog doing likewise in the other part of the house..if he were mine I'd let them sort it out, but handing over a bloodied pup at the end of the day is probably not a good idea.

Thank you god...finally Baxter is asleep,  under the computer desk chair that I'm sitting on...am I going to be able to move ?

and the answer was ...no!

This is going to be 1 VERY long day.

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