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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Time Trials

The last 3 TT's I've raced have all looked pretty much like this...although this one was a bit lumpier than the other 2

I'm getting better at racing round corners!

The names of the places where the 3 took place are VERY Australian..first there was Kialla, then Balliang and this one was at Paraparap.
Generally speaking my fitness is improving and although the avg speed of this race was much the same as the others, it was a tougher course..both in it's lumpiness and also in the deadness and in some places roughness of the road surface.  Anyhow it was 23+km and I got round in 39 mins+ some seconds, the fastest rider on the day took ~35mins...and I was the happy recipient of the prize for the fastest on age and gender corrected time.

Now, of course I'm shattered and look forward to reaping the benefits  in 10 days time of what was a hard race when I race the 17km TT at Maryborough.  Last year I raced it in  25min 10seconds...bring it on!

More on the OS TT front
I've made an executive decision to travel with only 1 bike this year, with a changeover TT saddle and road bars/extension set up for my beautiful Baum road bike..  The reason is that my main TT race  this year  has  very steep up and downhill sections and the TT bike, as well as being heavier(uphill issue) is also more awkward/sketchy to ride, (downhill hair pin bend issues).  All the bits have been sourced and bought and will be well tested before I travel to make sure this decision is the right one.

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