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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A week later..random comments and plans for 2012

finally... I've emerged from the dementing fog of jet lag, travel fatigue and  the scrambled digestive system that habitually  haunts me for about 7 days after long haul flights in cattle class.  The only living thing to be sad about my departure from this state is my cat who just loves to have a human being to snuggle down with during the day, ending up as a furry scarf during my frequent day time naps.

And so to planning for the next  season.  One thing is for certain, I'm not going to freight my bikes over or back  again, it'd be cheaper to go business class and pre purchase extra weight allowance.  Getting the bike over to Europe was extra work but wasn't all that expensive...getting it back was a ridiculously expensive money grab.

Since I've had 3 weeks off the bike, I'll not be entering the Women's Omnium or the Metro champs later this month but will aim to peak for the States and Nats champs in February and then will plan to have a solid road season returning to Deutschlandsberg and St Johann during August.

I will not be going to South Africa for the UCI  Masters thing since I continue to consider that format  not to be racing. Also I wonder how it's possible to police the "qualifying " mass participation events so as to prevent women from being paced by their male friends  in order to get a good enough time to qualify.  Of related interest ... in Athletics women's world records in the Marathon can now only be set in Women only races.

Planning well into the future I see that the Torino World Masters Games 2013 has only 1 very hilly parcours of 100+km for the road race (no TT) and given the games habit of allowing age classes up to and including W/M100+ this seems a bit odd.

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