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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Forward planning taken to extremes and other stuff

In order to get onto early bird fares, those of us living in God's own country have to plan waaaaay ahead.

So....my plane tickets for 2012 are already booked and paid for and this week or next, depending on when they are posted, I'll have my lease car booked and the deposit paid.  The first 2 weeks of my time in Europe will be another Italian language learning experience and is already booked..no deposit required for this.

Also, in a race to at least get a bed that won't break the bank, I've also booked accommodation for the following: the Masters track nationals in February (Parramatta), the AVCC Easter carnival at Maryborough, the Hume vets  Queen's Birthday weekend 3 day tour at Benalla in June, and the Masters road Nationals at Goulburn in October.  !

You might think that booking  this early  is a bit of overkill but when you are aiming for the budget end of the scale it's the way to go and in fact I was lucky,  I got the last cabins at both Benalla and Maryborough.  Somewhat amazingly, I didn't have to provide a deposit for any except Parramatta where I had to pay the whole amount upfront.  

Other stuff

For the last 4 days I've been wearing an accelerometer as I am taking part as a healthy subject  in a research project on the amount of exercise people with lung cancer do. The  version of accelerometer that I've been given slips into a pocket or a bum bag however it's turned itself off twice, so I'm not sure it's the best version.

Normally I would be somewhat of an outlier for my 10 year age range   but since 2 of the days were "rest" days for me, the 3rd day it poured all day and so my 3 hour mixed pace road ride morphed into a 1 hour sufferfest on the ergo and the 4th day was a gym day, I wont be.  My body composition was also measured  (def an outlier..more muscle than most 60-70 yr olds) and in a couple of weeks I'll be doing a VO2 max test on a bike.  Muscle testing indicated what I already knew..ie that I'm significantly stronger on my right side  except, somewhat strangely, for grip strength.

Back to regular work
Still as a casual, but I'm doing some clinical work  for at least 2 possibly 3 half days a week until the end of January.  Slow stream rehab..not something I've relished when working regularly, but something I'm happy to go with at this stage of my career.

Gym work
is something I find crashingly boring and it doesn't take much for me NOT to attend, but if I'm to get the improvement in my pursuit and TT it's some thing I just HAVE to do...dammit.  I've found a somewhat different gym+ personal trainer nearby.. part a boxing gym, part not, with  never more than 5 people in the "not" part  at any one time.  So far so good.......

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