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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Cycling Australia's Cyclist of the Year Awards

As a previous 2 time winner of the Female Masters section award...I'm delighted to congratulate Lise Benjamin on winning this year's version.  She looked the goods in Manchester and did us all proud with her podium places there.

Congrats also to my "old" mate Shirley Amy who deservedly was awarded the Victorian Volunteer of the Year. Shirley's work at club level (along with unnamed others, I've no doubt) has brought Castlemaine CC up to the forefront of all the country clubs.  Well done Shirl!  Not just working at club level, she's also been keeping up the fitness and competitive side of things too with good results at the Aus Masters Games held in South Australia during October.

Me?..well I keep posting that I'm over jet lag, but I'm still taking nanna naps at about 4pm......I've tried to get to the track twice but haven't woken up in time.  BUT, today I'm up, I'm also awake and what's more I'm packed and ready to roll!  And at work I've tramsformed from a very quiet person to my more normal level of chit chat and verbal sparring....and it's been commented on!

Follow up on my World Masters Games 2013 (Aug 2nd to Aug 13th) comment in a previous post...this prompted another friend to email the cycling contact and apparently there WILL  be a Time Trial.

Road info so far: parcours of 117km

Track info so far:

400m outdoor track..hmm 400m that should be interesting for the 500m TT!

and finally MTB...the pix show an extremely benign area...maybe I could think of entering this too(!) and there's Orienteering too hmmm..spoilt for choice.
Now I have to start scouting out good accommodation before other equally overly/stupidly well organised people snap up the best there is.

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