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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Sunday, 11 November 2012

AVCC championships in Tasmania

Sorry no pix..forgot to bring the card/computer interface..they'll go up when I get home.

Friday's weather for the TT was ..to put it mildly...... blusterous.  Not a steady wind..front, side or more rarely rear...nope...today's icy blast was  variable,here one minute, not the next.  Added to that, the course changed direction frequently and the hedge/tree cover at the sides of the road was there/not there/there. The weather therefore was definitely an added challenge to the course and the dead road sections.  I was happy with my ~45 minutes, winning my age grade, Alex got 2nd in his grade with ~37 and Lorraine scooped the pool with ~41 ...the fastest female.

 Yesterday was road race day and my group was last off.  Sadly Alex's group was second off so we had a longish wait between the 2 races.  Both Alex and I were 4th over the line and I won my age grade...I  have to try and remember to stand up to sprint(!)...too much time trialling!! Lorraine had decided not to race the RR.  Alex had a great race and was delighted that there was alot of attacking.

 Our race was...well....different...Grouping all 50+ riders together will always throw up surprises since there is the need for various riders to get rid of their age grade competition before thinking about being first across the line. Today there seemed to be times when there was more social chatting going on than attacking  however..I put in 2 attacks , 1 significant in that it spat my competition out the back  and the second in that it at least animated the race a bit. Some one else put in another but that was about it........weird.I was 4th across the line in the company of of 3 50 year olds. We were on TV.must have been a slow news day. Crit today..more on that when I've ridden it!

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