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Friday, 30 November 2012

Rollers, MTB, track

In reverse order

 2013 is a bit of a transition year for me.. it's the last year I'm in my current age group of 65-69 and since there is a paucity of people competing in this age group,  my competitive spirit has to be assuaged by going for records (state/national/world) in the timed events...pursuit and time trial.  Lyn Miller has put the Time Trial world record waaaay out of my reach (brilliant ride Lyn) and I currently hold the  pursuit world record (although the time is not one I'm particularly proud of). Consequently  I have made the decision to hang up my track bike for a year and concentrate on road time trials, which is the road discipline I'm best at and also where there are more ladies my age still racing. 


Is mega fun and for me is also a great way for retrieving  power/strength; it's also where I began my cycling life. I was never much good technically,  but now that I'm riding a 29er some of the issues I had on the older type of bike have magically disappeared...some haven't...!


I've had rollers somewhere in the house for a long time, but always tended to avoid them.  'cos I wasn't comfortable using them ...scared actually.  They're too big for me  both in height and length.  Firstly the drum size is big ..this makes it difficult for me to get on and  makes falling off more scarey.  They also are made for a taller person..ie when my bike is on the shortest setting the bike's front wheel hub is too far behind the front roller making the whole set up more unstable than I like. 

I've been on the look out for a set that would work with my shorter wheelbase bike and finally I found a second hand 1 on ebay. I failed to win it at $152.40 (!) but while researching the brand found the exact same brand was on sale in Melbourne for either $199 or $150 and so I am now the proud possessor of one bought new at $150...yay!   

I've been practising every day.... building up my skill level...however I don't think I wobble quite as much as my Garmin would have you believe!

 and finally, for no particular reason...

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