“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” Lou Holtz

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Kew BoulieTT

3rd race here for me this year..the first 2 were blighted by mechanicals..either the saddle fell off or I dropped the chain!  Today....no mechanical issues..and I did a good time (for me) but I must be tired or about to be ill(!)as my HR would not get anywhere near where it should be.  So my time was better than last month, but  that was when I had to hop off the bike and replace the chain, so it should have been better..I have to wait for the official time to see what the difference is.  There was no 30 sec person  but I passed my minute and 90 second person just before 3/4 through the race.

 The weather here in Melbourne has been cold and wet for quite a while now, so we were very lucky to have clear skies and an almost dry road. In fact the early starters,of which I was one, had major difficulty  with sun  directly in our eyes for parts of the course..so much so that on the first lap I went right over the only badly dropped utility /manhole cover there is on the course, ending up with my helmet and glasses in a slightly different place than where I 'd placed them!!  By the second lap the sun had risen enough not to be causing problems.

This time round the race organisation had1 plus and 1 minus...the plus was that there was a coffee van, the minus was...no toilet on site, despite having been booked.  The coffee van was very, very welcome  and I was mightily entertained to be asked by the owner..."do you want coffee with that long black"./ Clearly a man distracted and working hard!

Other bits of news.....after losing quite a bit of weight I went to Bodyology to be assessed for fat %/body composition in the BodPod and am officially ...."lean".  I was also given some guidance as to how much I could eat in order to maintain the weight I'm currently at...this latter always being an issue when you drop quite a bit of weight....not only the paranoia of not wanting to put it back on again but also the issue of genuinely not knowing what calories your new body composition requires on a daily basis.

Checking out the World Masters Championship website, I noticed that a) you can race the event with a day licence...so CA's email reminding us to get an International Licence (at great expense) can be ignored and b) they don't want you to wear any thing with rainbow stripes on.  I asked the question about this and yes it's correct.... those of us who are former World champions and are entitled to wear rainbow stripes on collar and cuffs have to  race in gear senza rainbow stripes.  There is a deal for us to buy Australian gear made specially for the event by Scody, but given the cost, the fact that ordering via the internet you can't be 100% sure of the sizing and also that you can only wear Aus race gear occasionally, I'll go for a new Blackburn CC skin suit first.  Now will I be able to squeeze into XXS or XS..the only ones in stock!

Next TT next weekend at Castlemaine and then a final hit out at Balliang the week after. Desperately looking forward to going OS...not only for everything Italy and Austria have that we've not got here, but also to get out of this miserably cold weather.  Weight loss=loss of insulation!

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