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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Monday, 9 September 2013

An epic weekend

Some time during the week I got an email from my Orienteering and Physio friend Christine who said that she and her husband Vincent were going to the Dolomites and would it be ok for them to stop off in Feltre for a day or two.  Would it be ok?...of COURSE it would!  woo hoo!

They arrived on Saturday but telephone reception was appalling (never again will I complain about Aus internet and tel reception...well not for a while anyway!)  so my planned ride + visit them in their B'B morphed into a ride  punctuated by calls that wouldn't/didn't go through,  SMS's that presumably went into the ether never to return and the feeling that we might well miss catching up with each other totally!  So this is the ride i did while waiting for them to arrive/get in contact.

I'd been wanting to ride to San Gregorio for some time...it was a turn off on one of my down hill hoons which normally I shot by too quickly..it appears their "animal logo" is a fox! and it's face is all over the road and there's even a pub by that name.

Eventually contact was made, but not before I was back in Feltre and so we agreed to meet here at Feltre and have a meal together.  I'd already booked at the very popular Crash Osteria at the earliest possible time...1930..almost criminally early by Italian standards .... an attempt to get it 30 minutes earlier failed! 

The food as ever there was very good and the prices reasonable and during the meal we agreed to have a good long ride the next day.  I had read about a Palio in Vidor,(link to 2012 version..part thereof) themed as an "assault on the castle" so it was agreed that if there was time we'd go there too.

so this was the ride which began at 0900 and finished at about 1900 (loads of stop for food, drink and a Palio(!)...~100km in total and here are a coupla pix from the Palio

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