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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back in my other home from home..Feltre

On Sunday morning really early I left Austria with the rain pelting down but as I drove south I was pleased to see the weather cleared up and so I was all set for a quick trial of the TT course I am to ride near Trento on 20/9...then the traffic and the queues came out to play.  Then the exit I needed was blocked off...then the emergency traffic started wailing.  I ditched plan A and  drove straight to Feltre..

1st stop...the laundrette!  The set up is really good here...for 4 euros you not only get the wash but the soap is provided...no dramas about what type and how much.  2nd stop the apartment to unpack then back to the laundrette on the bike and finally on to the 1 shop open on a Sunday to stock up the fridge and the "larder/pantry".

So it was back to school on Monday to find myself in a  class of 3 with 2 Dutch guys.  In the afternoon, following a morning of checking the clouds, I rode up to the Passo Croce D'Aune. The ride is a steady one ascending from Pedavena for ~10km.  It was non too warm going up and downright cold coming down as it was mostly in the shade.


this is the monument to honour Tullio Campagnolo..professional cyclist, inventor, engineer...at the location where the idea of a quick release skewer was born.

My climb began at Pedavena (the local mountain is Mt Avena)

Pedavena and Feltre in the valley

The irony of the decade has to be that climbing is less of a problem for me than descending.  I enjoy hooning downhill..a bit...but the combination of  being alone, dicey Italian road surface and my arthritic fingers has made it a bit of a production.  All photos are taken going downhill to give my hands a bit of a rest from gripping the brake levers.  Just a bit of a wuss actually.

Soooo...I have opted  not to ride Monte Grappa unless I can rustle up someone to ride with me...although even then the thought of 27km downhill makes my hands ache!  Instead...weather permitting, I'll do them same Passo as yesterday from the other, steeper side and add Monte Avena into the mix.

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