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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Road Race report...I came 5th.... + a proud mother paragraph

The last 2 years I've been dropped near the base of the Huberhohe...today it was at the top.  I tried...oh how I tried to get back on, but failed.  The 4 in front were too strong.  So yet again I TT'd my way to the finish, but this time failed to pick up anyone significant, although the group of 4 lost 1 on Schwendt...but then I also struggled there.  Results are here.

Alex looks to be performing best of the Aus elite men in the World MTBO champs in Estonia.  Amongst his team mates...he was  second fastest in the Sprint... his least fave discipline, fastest in the Middle and ditto in the relay.  In fact in the relay he was the fastest of all in  his particular combo of controls. Age and experience.  Their results however are somewhat off the pace...lack of high class competition will always show up in these events. Hopefully he can back up well in the long distance which is being raced tomorrow.

The speed the results go up is exemplary...road race organisors need to take note....MTBO is a minor sport and if they can manage it...why can't cycling?

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