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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

WMG Criterium

Yesterday's race...called a Crit but if we're being picky was in fact not a Crit..more a Kermesse.  The info on the internet said 30 mins + 3 laps...but it turned out to be just 4 laps in total on a ~4km course.  does one believe internet info?..not here at the WMG since there were 3 different versions of the program all up at the same time.....the only solid correct fact was that my Crit start was at 1830.

In somewhat hot and humid weather our 16 strong group was all 50+ ages with 3 Aussies in the mix...Desrae Cameron, Fran Watson and I..Desrae ended up winning 60-64 age group, I won 65-70 and Fran was 2nd in 70-74 group.  Also there were Petra Kleunder and Maria Zander, friends from St Johann.

The course was good...the surface not and the pace was hot from the start with the 50-54's getting the speed up from the gun.  I stuck with the lead group until halfway through the 2nd lap when a surge at a corner saw someone dropping a wheel  and the elastic soon broke.  I was then in a small group of 3 who later picked up 2 stragglers from the breakaway.  We stayed together til the end with the other 4 sprinting to the line with me behind not bothering to contest since I had already beaten my competition.

Then the "fun" started.  The presentation was not to be until 8.30 on the big stage. There was no marshalling at the podium which perhaps should have warned us, but we gathered anyway.  Finally a guy came and told us only 1 age group would be presented on the stage, the rest would be presented elsewhere...later(!) We all complained...loudly, in many languages.  Finally they agreed and we all got on the stage...then they ran out of medals! We got home at 11pm.

 Hopefully there will be a change for the rest of the races or rather the presentations..although at least there were to be medals for all age grades..apparently for the races on the track they were  only going to give out medals to women in two age groups... 30-34 and then 35+.  Until someone protested.

My family have been given a leave pass not to come to the TT today since my start time is at 19.12 and it'll be bad enough for me but for them...unbearable. In fact I'm not even sure I'll race it.  The course is 2 laps of a 4.5km loop which goes across cobbles at one stage. I'm already not using TT bars and having looked at the course will be using my ordinary wheels but the real killer is having to drive home by myself late at night in Turin traffic.

A bit of a negative post I know..but it's such a pity when admin/organisational  problems overtake the racing side of the equation.

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