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Friday, 23 August 2013

Races, the challenge of Trento and THE challenge

Don't you hate it when everything you wrote magically disappears.  Grrh!

Ok so what I said was (in a much shorter version!)

I'm fine, my health is good, my wallet isn't empty, I'm in good form, sticking to my diet and not losing any more weight.  My next races are TT's and so I've reluctantly gone out today doing TT practise...well sorta TT efforts...actually more like sprint efforts.  Hill climbing here is such fun and the scenery is inspiring.

I'm off to Hartberg tomorrow midday for a TT then on to my second home from home Sankt Johann i Tirol ( my other HFH is where I am right now...Feltre) for a TT and a RR.  So  I have a week in Austria then I return here for a final 3 weeks of language school and training, ending up with another attempt at the Trento  TT.

Another coupla challenges beckon though...Monte Grappa ..a mecca for cyclists and with a rich war time history in  both WW1 and 2 and also the Passo  Croce D'Aune...site of the inspiration for the quick release skewer.  Apparently a young Mr Campagnolo had frozen fingers and struggled to change his back wheel, later he got the idea of a QR wheel.
The lower slopes of Monte Grappa
I went out for an hour yesterday..the road climbs almost from my door but the climb proper,  as you can see, starts a bit abruptly some km later.  This was a bit of a test and I will ride it on weekend day..taking as long as is needed.  This route is one of the easier (less difficult) versions...there are 10 options.

Passo Croce D'Aune..not yet attempted
Skype is great isn't it...yesterday I had a long chat with Donna Meehan  who is in a language school much further south than me...in really hilly terrain and with temps hitting 40 regularly.....her hill climbing is going to super ace when she gets back to Oz...in order to get back to where she stays she has to heave herself up a 14%er...similar to when we were in Mazze, although her hill sounded much longer than the one I grovelled up on daily.  No wonder Italians are good climbers and not quite so good at TTing.

I've finally found a truly great bike shop here...Della Rosa, Via Belluno, 57 Feltre 32032 who do great work and are extremely helpful.  Also almost next door is THE best supermarket and since I've finally discovered where the laundrette is...life is peachy!

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