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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

TT time

After yesterday's presentation fiasco, I wasn't even sure I'd race today.  But in the end I decided yes I would.  The boys were not keen to join me and I can't blame them 1 iota for that but my sister is made of sterner stuff and she joined me and was an enormous help looking after my stuff, cheering me on and taking pix.

Warming up took place around the park and up and down a 100m straight road but since there were also dogs, children and assorted other bodies there one had to keep ones wits on full alert while doing efforts.

As we got near to our start time a distraught  American girl was trying to get a re-start since she'd ridden only 1 lap instead of 2...no go though ..not a hope.  Then the rider in front of me was pulled because her chip was on the right instead of the left side of her forks......so I started earlier than my official time..but of course with a chip this doesn't matter.

I was lucky...I had a motor bike escort...with the rider waving a flag which I somewhat belatedly realised was to indicate the best part of the road.  Despite not using TT bars, I was able to get in a good tuck position 'cos I'd changed to my TT saddle.  The temp was hot and humid and actually as we drove home there was a thunderstorm.  The course was a bit rough underfoot and included a section of "cobbles"..not real cobbles of course... the modern pseudo type.

Anyhow I did 19 minutes, was half way down the list of all the women and generally felt pleased with most of my effort.....still need work on hills.

My road race is on Thursday...the weather forecast is diabolical, so it's a question of wait and see.  there's a killer hill we have to go up and down 4 times..so tomorrow is look-see day

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