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Monday, 5 August 2013

Rides and races

Wagging school on Friday gave me time to get a fairly decent length ride in during the cool of the morning.  Nothing too long as I'm in a taper week.
this area is great for training...there are dead flat roads  for flat out TT training and also some nasty little pinches..including the final one up to our house.  Must be getting fitter as yesterday I rode the first part of it eating an ice cream!

the commute to Chivasso..our nearest train station.  Alex and Chris has the use of the car all weekend and so I rode/train/rode my way into Torino.  Saturday for a lunch date with an aussie friend and a chance to finally get the internet personal wifi 100% secure in order to access my bank and Sunday to pick up numbers and race chip.

One has to be a little careful with August rail timetables as I discovered last week....to get home from Torino  there are usually 1 or even 2 trains every hour that we can take ...but during August there no/zero /0 trains from 0900 to 1200.  not a problem?..well yes it is when you have a bike so can't go into shops/museums etc and have absolutely no intention of trying to ride out of the city.  Torino roads are...well bumpy...and there are trams and cracks you could disappear into....and what's worse...traffic!

ooooh dear...the organisation is showing a few cracks.  I'm not sure about other sports but its a bit worrying when your TT is definitely on Tuesday but could be at 0900 or 1830..depending where you get your info from and your RR could be on Thursday or Friday.....again depending which of the 3 (yes 3) versions there are on the website.  I'm de-stressing myself as much as possible but have prepared my house mates for the biggest dummy spit in history if I get there this evening to discover I've missed the race!

Half way up the hill that goes to our house is where a group of ladies of an uncertain age (prob 70-80) sit and gossip in the early evening.....they have clearly been quite fascinated by us, so yesterday since I was on foot rather than on or in wheels, I stopped for a chat.  Reckon I fed them enough info to keep them happy for the rest of summer!

Side note...on Saturday Alex and Chris rode the roads near Pinerolo when Thomas Voeckler in last year's TdF (or was it 2011) rode off the road onto someone's parking spot.  Apparently it was much steeper than Alex had expected....glad I didn't join them!

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