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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Flight or fight

June 30
First I had my flight..Melb to Dubai economy on a VERY full flight, then an up grade to Business to Munich.  No probs here although 3 breakfasts in about 6 hours is probably a bit excessive!

July 1
Then I  had the fight.  I landed and after picking up my backpack from the carousel proceeded to wait for my bike to appear....(and I'm still waiting 2 days later).

  Next task..pick up the car

For transport this year, due to at the most crowded part of my holiday there will be 3 of us all with bikes, I'd chosen a Renault Grand Kangoo....and check out the yukky colour!

It's a 7 seater but  the middle row folds down and the back row can be taken out resulting in a bike garage!

Then I drove to Sankt Johann and to my BnB.  This pix was an early morning grab of the Kitzbueler horn ...the weather went belly up soon after .

July 2
 I drove back to Munich airport and went through the same process. Keeping myself nice by remaining cool and polite  despite the inner rage, I managed to squeeze some $$$ out of Emirates as I had to buy some clothes..they tried to wriggle out by saying they only paid up if they had lost ALL your luggage, whereas I also had a backpack.  I managed to persuade them that it was a very small backpack and came away with 80 euros...prob only enough to pay for the extra fuel and parking fees...doh.  Actually I was pleasantly surprised that 4 hours in a park  close to arrivals was only 16 euros..a far cry from the  outright robbery that Melb airport perpetrates in their car parks.

It then pissed rain++++ all the way down into Italy. However, armed with my usual travel food and an audio book, the journey passed uneventfully.  

I, of course,was never the fastest car on the road, despite being 10kph over the stated limit.  Some cars were going so fast my car rocked in the turbulence they created as they warp speeded (or is it sped) past me.  Just  like the Renault cars I've had previously this car is gutless on the hills

  I finally got to my hotel in Follina at 8pm...I'd stayed here 2 years ago and so got a fantastic welcome.  My evening meal was trout from the local river, cooked on an open fire right next to me in the restaurant..pix to follow as for some reason the touch ipod that I used to take the pix wont see the wifi here,

Hopefully the bike will arrive today.  The main prob is that I have to be here to sign for it and so can't stray too far.........to be continued.

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