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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


We went into Tarbes one day as I managed to lose one of our apartment keys and there  were no  locksmiths in Luchon.  We were amused to see this cafe, given the incredible fuss there was in America about the use of the name Roubaix .  The internet connection was very patchy and since it was not super secure I decided to buy a personal wifi which I also sorted there.

While chatting about this and given the really hot water in our French apartment's plumbing, we wondered if anyone had tried to sue an owner for having hot water coming out of the hot water tap.

Luchon, a real tourist town has loads tourist tack shops and eating places.  We usually eat out 1/week and in Luchon came in contact with the type of waiter you'd prefer to avoid.  Firstly apparently I made a big mistake of  going to the bar to order drinks rather than sit and wait for the waiter, who was incredibly busy setting out the tables, which was apparently the protocol for if you were planning to eat there.  After being scolded(!) I obediently went back to the table and we waited and waited and waited, watching everybody else being served until finally we got up and walked away.  It reminded us of the time in Cortina when  I asked if my pizza could be pre cut in wedges like another customer had done for him....the answer was no as he was given this privilege only as he was injured!      

A Roman pile!...looking exactly the same as it did 10 years ago!
this baby hedgehog scuttled across the road in front of me

Saw heaps of these one day...we weren't the only crazies in town!

my pathetic French dictionary doesn't have the word "lice" in it in either language so I have to assume it means what it says!

Generally speaking there stones around here were fairly grey and the style of house rather utilitarian, however there were some very flash looking house with Disney world type turrets and then there was this in the foreground, where the balcony is made of  tree trunks. Sadly it was so sunny that the camera couldn't deal with the contrasts and so is not v good.

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