“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” Lou Holtz

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Monday, 11 July 2011



The first week of my 4 weeks at Scuola Italia has passed by extremely quickly
  •  I managed to buy and use softener instead of soap powder to wash my clothes in!
  • Yet again I managed to avoid buying goat’s milk….last year it was in France where I nearly goofed.... I’m soooo grateful for pictures on cartons!
  • I buy the sports paper everyday (it’s pink) and now I can read the 2 pages about the TdF without having to resort to a dictionary …..of course I *have* already seen the race on TV the day before…it’s different when I don’t know the topic.
  •  I have classes in the morning and again in the afternoon following a 2 hour lunch break, after which I rush home to watch the TdF …LIVE!  I miss Phil and Paul but NOT Gabriel Gate.
  •  I had hoped my TT bike would be with me by now, but although it arrived in Rome on Thursday and Florence on Friday I’m still waiting to be told where to pick it up from.  My only worry is that the wheels I have with me are my race wheels with glue on tyres, so if I puncture I’m in mega trouble.
  • Saturday’s ride was a hill ride and I chose to ride to a circuit taking in the hill town of Urbino..see previous post’s pix.  The way round that I took turned out to be the easier version  so I guess I’ll have to go the other way round to get proper bragging rights.
  •  Sunday’s ride was to Piobbico and back..see map below.

  •  Good to see other places as well as Melbourne have really strange street art.  It was almost a bit like being on Beach Road……..obviously a very popular valley ride interrupted by a bit of a heave over to the next valley and back.  Piobbico has what looks like a good bike shop, the one in Urbania is basic as a shop although the mechanic is ok.
  •  My SRM cyclocomputer is still finding it’s way to me, so I’m having to use the Garmin 705 which is ok but I keep forgetting to turn the timer on at the beginning of the ride.
  •   Urbania has a very small population and a huge, totally vast number of churches…For the last 2 nights there have been special services at the church a stone's throw away from la mia casa and last night’s was at my front door.  

I had to decide whether to stay inside or out since I didn’t think I could really walk through their service in order to get to my apartment!!


I’ve still not managed to ride all the way up here and, having driven there yesterday pm, I suspect I won’t …the access road is a bit steep but maybe I’ll conquer it during my last week here. It was 37+ degrees  so I rewarded myslef with :una piccola gelata which I had to eat really quickly before it melted and if this is small I'm glad I didn't ask for medium or big!

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