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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Monday, 22 August 2011

St Johann in Tyrol

St  J..my home from home and at an anticipated 33 degrees most days, there's not only racing to do, there's also a chance to beef up the sun tan before I return home to show it off to all and sundry, always providing it's not too cold to bare my arms and legs..

These 3 shots are from the start of the road race..and although they show cyclists riding toward the camera, for the race we cycle "into" the photos

about  1km from the start and about to turn left
this is the left turn and the start of the climb sweeping around to the right..change down to small chain ring time for the old ladies is at the right hand bend

 those houses you can see are where the road is on the lower slopes of the climb.  
The photo is taken from the road we return on.....

Kirchdorf, a village we ride through about 4km from the finish

seen out on my ride..I'm not sure what to think of this matching pair in their pseudo lederhosen/Tirolean lycra get up..they're either a bit weird or very brave.
So you can get a better idea, here's one of the ad pix from the club web site

 What got to me more than anything else is that they are from a MTB club!!! in my wildest dreams I can't see any of the  MTB'ers I know going for this garb as a regular club jersey and nix.


  1. Thats the warmest its been for a while when over there! Hope you have a good TT - nothing changes from the pics, except for those two you found on the bike!!!!!