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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Just a bit of waffle on cats and bike bits

So cats don't have facial expressions?

 Caught unawares in a somewhat undignified position

now he's been alerted to the camera and and if looks could kill I'd be dead.

Helping the British economy

And yes, we do buy stuff on the internet when it's clearly cheaper and especially when  the postage is free.....
but when this wheel box arrived both Alex and I were a bit nonplussed since neither of us had ordered a wheel.  Delving down to the bottom we finally uncovered  the "black box" (!) containing an MTB bar.  Since freight goes on size rather than weight we think Wiggle must be coining big time.

PS...thanks Wiggle...I've just sold a wheel and the box will now go via courier to Queensland.

Preventing crossed eyes

Finding a saddle that suits is a long and arduous task for some:
  • For women this is even more of a problem, although there are fewer options on the market that could even remotely suit.  
  • Given the inherent problem women face then triple it, bold it, underline it and put it into italics for those of us  using  TT bars on track or road.   
  • Add to this the UCI ruling as to where the nose of the saddle should be (or not), 
  • and what a saddle should look like, it's length, angle etc etc
  • then consider the problems of those of us who forgot to grow long legs.
So what you're left with is a choice of about 2 saddles
this one:
 tried and failed.

or this one which  I'm now trialing:

looks weird, but time will tell.  More anon

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