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Friday, 17 February 2012

Retail therapy or how to keep Australia's economy afloat

the above is my new bike as it is sold 

 ...however this is my new bike as I have it set up..there is a drop between seat and bars although it doesn't look as if that's so in this pix:

and the differences are:
  •  saddle...I've got  my Specialized Jett for now but to be UCI legal I will have to get a shorter one  Adamo or Fizik.
  •  drive train...durace not SRAM Force
  •  handle/aero bars
  •  head stem
  •  wheels
hmmmm so what have I kept?!...only the frame, fork and seat post, with the latter needing a bit of work to make it UCI compliant.

To afford this I sold a wheelset which has made it almost cost neutral, and with a few new things to put on ebay, as well as my old TT frame/forks/seatpost, I should be able to keep on helping Australia stay away from the fate of so many European countries.  Well...I guess when I'm over in Europe between July 13th and September 1st I'll be helping them too.

Liz Randall... philanthropist!

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