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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Bellagio and the Ghisallo

The drive to Como was dead easy..a valley drive with surprisingly few cars to contend with given it was a Saturday.  However we never did find the ferry at Varenna and ended up driving around the lake to our next apartment which was just shy of  actually  being in Bellagio itself.  In somewhat typical fashion signs to the Ferry were extremely evident someway out of Varenna but nowhere to be seen when it mattered most.
Our host rolled up 5 minutes after we called and showed us where to park (not in the garage that came with the house for some unspecified reason) and then opened up the palace that was to be our home for 2 days.  2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a TV in a mezzanine/mansard loft type thing and a huge sitting/dining/kitchen area.  There is of course always a downside..no washing machine and no internet and no aircon which was a shame as the weather was humid+++ and watching the TdF  on the TV in the top storey was a bit sweaty.

The view from our sitting room/kitchen/dining room

The room itself with TV space up aloft

Cutest set of coffee mugs ever
We went for a walk before we ate…as you do in Italy and saw the following:

An old public bath, still in use during the 20th C

Sigh...a sign for erratic boulders..a must see, if they stood still long eough
Since we were only there for 2 nights we went out for a meal both times and I learned that slices of beef are almost always pretty well raw. 

Sunday was ride to the chapel of  the Madonna del Ghisallo  patron saint of cyclists, the planned visit to the cycling  museum was to happen the next day when we could be sure of bicycle security.

Obligatory bike/pass pix!

A very nice 40 km loop
Statue by the chapel

Madonna del Ghisallo chapel

Taking visibility to extremes!

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