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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Final ride from Moena then to Bormio

My last ride from Moena on Friday was to the Passo Pordoi.
It turned out to be test day for the Maratona degli Dolomiti which happened on Sunday and so the road was swamped not only with sports cars, cars, motorbikes but also a gazillion cyclists.  Any thought of doing the circuit evaporated very quickly.
Passo Pordoi ride
I heard te Passo Fedaia was closed due to a landslide..luckily Alex had ridden it the day before.

Our final full day in Moena was Saturday and it was to be an off the bike day.  We drove over the Passo Rolle back into Feltre to stow Alex’s bike box in the garage I have rented for just that purpose.  It joins my TT bike and wheels and all the stuff I just dont need with me here in the mountains….a really worthwhile expense.  We also caught up with Deborah my former language teacher and had a nice lunch in a re-vamped caff in the centre of town.
Sunday was lemming day for us, but we were ahead of the crowd for most of the journey, although our GPS played up twice…completely sending us off track at one point and desperately trying to get us to visit every small village instead of using the bypass road at another point.
Moena to Bormio..we chose not to go the northern route..been there, done that got stuck in a queue both times!
Snow was visible fairly soon..although we’ve not yet worked out exactly where it was.  PS I was the passenger!
Gotta find out which range this is
Our apartment in Bormio was easily found..close to the bike shop and opposite the thermal baths.  Our host wasn’t there but his uncle and aunt were and they not only welcomed us but also took me by car to the supermarket…I said I wanted to walk but they insisted…and let me walk back!  The apartment is on the third floor…groan!..there are 2 apartments on the third floor…ours is a 2 bedroomed one that can house 6, although that would be VERY  squeezy. 
Bormio pix


For me today’s ride was the Stelvio..the odd sticking out bits must be where I was going through tunnels and lost satellite reception.
Bormio to Passo Stelvio..big climb, many tornanti
I missed doing it last year as I spent far too much time having root canals sorted following a broken tooth on the first day here.  I was hampered today by back pain, which I hope has been sorted by a very good but somewhat expensive massage this evening.
I got there eventually and there was quite alot of snow as evidenced by the 3 downhill skiers I saw.
On the way up..needed a rest!
The other side
View from the caff that was recommended to me..up the wooden steps..just about managed it!

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  1. Certainly more snow than last year! Hope the back is sorted!