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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Fatigue and poor internet connection = delayed blog entry!

where to start?  Probably watching the Giro d’Italia Femminile.
The start of the race on Wednesday was just up the road from us ~~30km away so going to watch it was a no brainer.  I have never been to a pro race and so I was a total newbie on what to expect.  The course went from Grosio to Tirano and back then up the Mortirolo and eventualy back down to Tirano.  We decided to watch the start then climb a short way up the Mortirolo (it was a rest day for us) and once they had passed…call it a day. 

Pro teams' course

We parked at Sondalo and cruised downhill to Grosio and I was somewhat gobsmacked to see how many motorbike escorts there were. …over 30 I thought..never mind the cars.  After the start we rode over to the Mortirolo and went up a couple of tornanti where I propped and Alex continued a bit further up.  I chatted to the mother of one of the BePink athletes and finally the entourage came and much later had all gone.  I saw Donna Rae driving the WiggleHigh 5 car.
The leaders at the start of the climb

Local decorations
The next day  was my big ride Bormio-Mortirolo-Bormio. 
on the way to the bottom of the climb
1987 there was a landslide which killed many and caused the valley to have to be a bit more engineered

Bormio, Mortirolo Bormio

The profile of the Motirolo..not the hardest version
I opted to do the easier of the climbs to the pass as I am here to practise climbing on the bike not walking uphill in cleated shoes!!!...ie I know my limit.

Got there eventually!

I was pretty tired afterwards..not only length and difficulty of the ride, but also the hot weather.  I descended the hard way and that was a baaaad mistake...spent far too much time on the brakes and got a front wheel puncture.

Pantani Monument

The following day I drove to Livigno to get duty free fuel…78c/litre instead of 1euro 30.  I aalso bough a camera as the display on mine had gone belly up.
Next stop Bellagio

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