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Friday, 15 July 2016

Cycling museum, Massi erratici,Passo Mendola and piramidati

Leaving on Monday means less traffic on the road, but first we have to go to the cycling museum and also the  massi erratici ..just got try at least!
Many many pink jerseys There was so much to see..it was quite overwhelming
I did a bit of swift talking to get us into the museum at the reduced price one paid if arriving on a bke…cashing in on my ability to speak some Italian and being an exotic Australian  ..”you are Australian..che bello .…my aunt/cousin/friend nephew  twice removed has visited Australia…do you know her/him?”
Then off to see the stones…debris left from the melting glacier…appparently they are all over the place, but we only got to see 2 more public ones:
pietra luna

pietra sole
they were located in the rather nice garden of a hotel/function place, along with  a huge Beech tree and an equally large and very old Sequoia.

Then off to Trento to our newest apartment….small  with very very good internet connection and some TV channels in English..if you like CSI and Law and Order!!!!

Our next ride was with Maria Zander with her husband Wolfgang in the backup van.  It was s’posed to be a 50km ride, but the weather meant it ended up as a 13km climb up the Mendola pass:


Obligatory passo pix
It was wet…very very wet, but we continued up to the top and had a very warm van for changing …thanks to WolfgangIMG_20160712_104912


just hanging around!
 As soon as we had lunch …Apfel strudel for 3 and pommes frites for Alex, the sun came out…figures, eh!

Having eaten out 3 days on a row, it was time to get back to our usual pasta and tuna mix….. and the following day planned a ride to some lakes:

50 km adventure

Photo opportunity near the first lake

we were on major roads for most of the time but when we needed to move from one valley to another we were on a very  very minor road…this is the beginning of the minor road which is also where there are some “pyramids”…a tourist  spot apparently.

The narrow road went on for 5km, getting  narrower and steeper and with a worse surface.  Finally it came to an end and we were back in civilisation…and not too soon as there was a thunder storm right over us. We had to find shelter which we did, under the awning of a closed hotel and there we stayed watching horizontal rain for about 10 minutes...quite dramatic.  Finally we could re-start but carefully as the rain had gouged holes out of the newly mended  road!

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  1. Luxury, having a van at the top and able to change into warm clothes! Just as well it was a 'one off', otherwise you could get used to it :-)