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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Moving day

From Follina to Feltre.
The owners of my BnB were very kind inletting me stay until 2pm...I had hoped to watch the RR on tv but both the Italian and German progs I cld get weren,t giving it much time....twitter was much better.
I squeezed in a 90 min ride trying in vain to find WW1 memorials..plenty of signs up but clearly I haven,t the code or whatever 'cos I can never find whatever it is the sign is pointing to!

The drive from Follina to Feltre was spectacular,  must return to take pix.  The weather was very humid for the drive and so I got out of the car with shorts wet in a somewhat suspicious pattern!

I found the school easily enough thank you GPS and when I met up with someone from the school .?name I discovered my appartment was only a 3 minute walk away.  BUT and there's always a BUT...first I had to get my car through this:

From the other end:

and this is my car and my apartment..1st floor +balcony.  Good size, but I have a sneaky feeling I'm going to be sharing although I had asked not to share.

All absolutely fantastic...apart from the church bells..how come I always get places near churches?!

Todays ride was for exploration as well as fitness and as luck would have it I got both...somehow I lucked onto THE popular training route in the area.....squads a plenty plus a squillion solos. I crossed the River Piave 3 times, the first on a wooden single lane bridge while trying to follow signs for a WW1 museum...on arriving at the other end of the bridge there was a T junctiion but no further signs for the museum. I eventually found someone to ask only to discover that after the bridge one turned left and it was about 5km along that road!! Doh! Anyhooo...on the map below its at point B...point A being Follina where I was staying for the 3 days days prior.

The biggest piece of luck is that next weekend Feltre has a Palio..like in Sienna..horse, races, flags the whole shebang....lucky lucky lucky

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