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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Bolzano trip and random Canazei pix

Booking on line for the Oetzi/Iceman museum in Bolzano is definitely the way to go...we walzed in while others queued for a long time in the stinking hot humid weather.  It's the 3rd visit for me and each one has been fantastic as there are regular additions and new research data to be shared

Before going there we went to the Sportler shop to get Alex a 510 Garmin as they were on special and with the duty free aspect added when he leaves Europe works out to be a real bargain.

The journey back was a good hour longer than expected as there was an accident near the top of the pass and no-one could get round it.  3 ambulances later and a stretch of the legs to take a pix of the lake where we stopped and eventually we were off.

 The view took the edge off the wait.  When we finally got going there appeared to be only1 car almost right on the hairpin bend.

Canazei is in Ladin country..there are 3 languagess spoken here...Italian because this is now in Italy, German because this used to be a part of Austria prior to WW1 and Ladin as that is what the people of the area speak. Check out  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ladin_language      if you are interested.

Many of the house here have pictures on their external walls...some more than others:

downspout of our apartment building...got a bit of use the other day!

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