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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Lucca - bikes and dogs

 I'd think this was a security move but the lack of a chain sorta gives it that derelict look
I suspect this is what the UCI think women over 60 should be riding!

Generally speaking, Lucca was a disappointment..I'd heard so much about it, but in my opinion, when comparing it to San Giminagno or Florence, it falls far short. My opinion could have been  skewed by the presence of white expo tents in at least 2 of the big old piazzas, but.........

 So we were just leaving, talking of our disappoinmentand wondering what we'd missed when we noticed a crowd of people and so went to see what was going on....and then the whole mood of the day changed.  Why? well 'cos what we saw was a fun run for dogs and their owners. ....and I thought only the Poms were stupid about dogs!!!! Our grins became a mile wide.

 keen and eager centre shot, but check out the expression of the Alasian on the left!
 definitely not the sporty type..sorta reluctant
Hmmm that pre-race massage was sooooo good.
yes... it's a dog ..at least I think  it must be, it has a lead!
and they're off and running..or at least some of them are!

I slept in the train on the way back to Firenze!..too much  slow walking in a group for me is always a recipe for 100% exhaustion.

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