“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” Lou Holtz

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Monday, 13 August 2012

Competing, buying, posting + update


 Today's race was the 300m  straight line sprint. I got 4th in the qualifying round and so will race later this evening. Quietly I'd sort hoped to get 5th so as to have a longer rest..but 'twas not to be..however.....mustn't grumble. I'm up against a tough looking Czech chick and she's got no need to resort to mind games...I'm already shaking in my shoes!  More later after the finals.

UPDATE: got 3rd! and I'm feeling pretty smug! Only problem is I'll have to dress up a little for the podium!!!!!;-)))


 I am a lucky lucky person.  This morning, mooching around town, I wandered into a sports shop..as you do...and found some of my favourite Craft bib knicks. Checking them out I noted that of the 3 in my size, 2 had the inferior chamois and 1 didn't. I then checked the price and saw that they were all the same price..whoops...bit of a mistake there. Anyhow, the price was VERY favourable...89 euros instead of approx $A200, so I bought the one good pair and that's when I discovered there was a 20% discount...end of season sales......lucky, lucky, lucky...well, ok so they are Radioshank branded, but at that price....!


 As usual I'm posting parcels off to myself  with all the clothes I no longer want/need with me, maps, books, souvenirs, etc etc. It's much cheaper than excess baggage and it's fun getting parcels in  a couple of month's time..sorta extends the holiday a bit


  1. Well done, but is there a photo of you all 'spruced up' !!!!! Your Track training must be paying off for the sprints :-)

  2. probably but not seeking it out...only jeans and a polo instead of shorts and t shirt!

    a feeling mega crap now...obviousy it was a big effort and now i'm paying the piper. luckily it's a rest day.........

  3. and...I'm doubly glad I won 'cos they let the other girl start with the entire width of the rim of her deep dish front wheel ahead of the line and didn't take any notice of my wild gesticulations......

  4. Hope youc an recover in time for the next events! Was she a 'local' that they ignored you?

  5. Actually no..she's Czech. Recovery? well I woke up yesterday feeling extremely average and spent the day trying to work out if I was ill or just tired. It was ill...one of those 24 hour things. Spent the day sleeping and not eating and feel fine today...I'm just grateful it was a rest day anyway ,so no races missed due to ill heath. However I'm now only racing the 2 TT's..pairs today and ITT on Saturday...no hill climb or RR. Gotta "husband" my scarce resources (energy)!

  6. Hope you have recovered, so that you still have something left for St Johann. Are the Americans racing as well, or not there yet?

  7. yup feeling fine, although non too flash in the pairs..set off too fast and then had a mini die, then came good. And I thought I'd put that particular mistake to bed a while ago! The weather is just fantastic today...fingers crossed it stays this way....see my post re weather in Melburne for the next 28 days!

  8. and numbers well down, only 2 americans here....diff for them with the week's gap

  9. yep, noticed the Melbourne weather - not good!!! while perfect here if you can ride your bike :-((
    Hope you get rid of the virus. Not surprising only a couple Americans, the week break makes it a bit hard.

    Tried to do this early today, but the ipad hangs every now and then and won't accept it.

    Make sure you are fit for St Johann!