“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” Lou Holtz

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I thought it might rain today.....

so I decided to drive down south abit, away from the mountains to a cyclist's idea of paradise called Montello

the ride around the periphery is 35km..gently undulating in areas..a nice recovery ride.  Then there are the climbs up to the top (the white roads on this map ) and the road along the ridge from left to right(or vice versa).

 The climbs vary in difficulty - there's a 2.6km climb with an average of 2%,  a 1km at 6%, or.... wait for it...a 3km climb with parts being 15-18%.

I'll confess...I rode the periphery and like all good tracks the world over, there were heaps of signs when it was almost impossible to get lost and none at all where one could get lost...and I did.  Well not actually lost lost...just got on the wrong road and had to fight traffic for a while.   The roads on the map above are peaceful  with little traffic.  The area has been used for the Giro and also for TT's and Gran Fondos.

Below is a map to put it into geographic context..."A" is Feltre where I'm currently staying and "B" is where Montello is a drive of about 50km to get there.  It's an area rich in WW1 history.  Must return for a more challenging ride.

I'm feeling very proud of myself today as I finally plucked up courage to drive through the extremely narrow tunnel into my apartment's parking lot and what's more without anyone assisting...up til now, after the first day when I had much help squeezing through, the car's been on the street.  I did it very slowly with both wing mirrors folded in and just got through...memo, 1 size smaller car next year!


  1. Well done, it looked pretty squeezy that little lane you had to get through !!! Sounds like it was a nice scenic tour today! Are you going to the dinner in Tassie - just started to look at the entry form !

  2. yup...very squeezy..I had to ignore the non drive side as I knew the car would fit and just had to keep extremely close to the drive side wall...and when i say close I mean CLOSE!!! I'll have to confess I've not looked at any entry forms yet..Tas or NSW for nats..it was hard enough getting onto the Austrian ones!! I must check them both and will get back to you. How's the wrist/hand?

    1. Much better since surgery, but won't be lifting anything for a while or able to lean on the hand - just as well I am only doing the TT as in a few days should be able to get back onto the trainer with the tri bars on, once I can twist it without it pulling too much. Half sutures out next Tues, the rest out end of the week or following Monday. Its $20 /event for Tassie and 45 for dinner. Need AVCC licence number when you enter, if you are carrying it with you!They do provide bank details though for EFT!!! I haven't been onto NSW one for a while, can't fill you in. By the time you have finished driving over there, you will squeeze into anything....